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Top 9 'black on black' watches of 2017

Blog post by Brendan Ihmig

Unless you are a ninja, a vigilante or a secret agent who needs to be merge, undetected at night and in the shadows, 'black on black' or 'all back' watches have virtually no practical use due to their low readability. However, what they lack in function they sure do make up for in form. Black on black watches feature a black case, black dial and black band. Markers, sub dials and hands are typically black, dark grey or gunmetal with the exception of some with coloured lum in some designs. While highly impractical from a visibility point of view, these all black watches have become popular in recent years as fashion watches for casual wear and even more formal styling.

And it is not only the typical fashion brands like Fossil, Guess and Diesel producing this particular style of watch, luxury Swiss made watches have join the trend as well. Most noticeably is the Omega 'Dark side of the Moon' series Speedmaster 'Black Black' with its complete black design of every element.

The list below feature nine black on black watches which we feel are the best examples that were released in 2017. The selection is focused on all black watches which are available for under US$500.

#1 Invicta - Subaqua

Invicta 24253

Any professional diver* in their right mind would probably not add this Invicta Subaqua to their dive gear list, even though it is water resistant to 200m, has a unidirectional bezel and a screw down crown. However, this all black diver.chronograph with gunmetal hands and makers, it is a great looking watch for when you are out of the water.

► Quartz movement ► 51.5mm Stainless steel case ► 30mm Silicone band ► Unidirectional Bezel ► Chronograph with 24 hour, 60 sec and 60 min sub dials ► Cyclops date display Screw down crown ► Water resistant 200m Ref: 24253 ► Price: US$269

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* Unless you are a ninja, a vigilante or a secret agent as well as a professional diver!

#2 Police - Swift

Police PL14999JSB02MM

Police is a brand of watches that are generally best know for fashion watches with bold design elements. This black on black Police Swift casual watch hints at those design elements but in a more elegant way. The clustered sub dials and the milanese mess stainless steel band compliment the overall design well and can style well with casual and business wear.

► Quartz movement ► 49mm Stainless steel case ► 22mm Stainless steel band ► 24 hour, day and date sub dials Detailed crown ► Water resistant 50m Ref: 14999JSB/02MM ► Price: US$126

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#3 Nixon - Porter

Nixon A1058 001

Traditionally, dress watches are statement watches in a minimalist way, usually with gold or silver accents and with jewels (like diamonds) in some cases. This all black Nixon Porter, with its relatively small case size, slim profile and minimalist design, works so well as a dress watch. While not necessarily being a conversation starter like a luxury Swiss made dress watch, this Nixon is a statement watch in its own right

► Quartz movement ► 40mm Stainless steel case ► 20mm Leather band ► Water resistant 100m Ref: A1058-001 ► Price: US$175

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#4 Timex - Intelligent Quartz

Timex TW2P79000

The race for smarter watches has brought us many innovations and technologies to watch designs. Smartwatches and hybrid watches are the next evolution of the wrist watch. Timex's 'Intelligent Quartz' hybrids offer unique functionality while retaining the classic analog look. While this all black version of the hybrid might make it hard to read all the various functions, the fantastic design of this timepiece earns a spot on this list of black on black watches.

► Advanced Quartz movement ► 43mm Stainless steel case ► 20mm Leather band ► Multifunctions: intuitive perpetual calendar, tide clock, compass, altimeter, fly-back chronograph, world clock, and thermometer ►  Water resistant 200m Ref: TW2P79000 ► Price: US$87

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#5 Diesel - Mr. Daddy 2.0

Diesel DZ7396

Diesel has never been afraid of making big and bold watch... and now they have added black to that list. The all black Mr. Daddy 2.0 is not your average watch by any means and features four analog time displays with their own independent dials, a three dial chronograph, a date window and then some room for industrial looking design elements. It goes without saying that the black on black version is a statement timepiece, which is large enough to make a statement accross a room.

► Quartz movement ► 57mm Stainless steel case ► 27mm Stainless steel band ► 4 Independent times ► Chronograph with 24 hour, 60 sec and 60 min sub dials ► Date display Water resistant 100m Ref: DZ7396 ► Price: US$425

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#6 Guess - Blinger

Guess U0799G5

Who says a black on black watch can't have bling? Well, certainly not Guess. This all black blinger from Guess is a far cry from a subtle dress watch, rather it is a boastful fashion statement timepiece that shouts. "Look at me!". With black crystals accenting the bezel, dial and band, this watch is hands down the blingest on this list.

► Quartz movement ► 48mm Stainless steel case ► 22mm Stainless steel band ► Stationary Bezel ► Day, date & 24 hour sub dials ► Water resistant 100m Ref: U0799G5 ► Price: US$215

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#7 Citizen - Chandler

Citizen CA0625 55E

If you are not a said ninja, a vigilante or a secret agent, but you still want a practical everyday watch that is all black, then the Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler is a great watch. Fits well as an everyday casual watch as well as a watch fit for more formal business attire, the Candler is a great addition to any man's watch collection. The Eco-Drive quartz movement is powered by light, so if you are a ninja, a vigilante or a secret agent who operates on the dark, this watch might not be for you.

► Quartz movement ► 42mm Stainless steel case ► 22mm Stainless steel band ► Chronograph with 24 hour, 60 sec and 60 min sub dials ► Date display Water resistant 100m Ref: CA0625-55E ► Price: US$249

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#8 Michael Kors - Slim Runway

MK MK8507

Michael Kors has proven to be a force within the fashion industry and more recently the watch world as well in terms of style and design. This MK slim runway is a great example of a fashion watch that makes a statement without being bold and obnoxious. The more classic, minimalist design works well as a casual watch and would style just as well with a semi-formal outfit.

► Quartz movement ► 42mm Stainless steel case ► 21mm Stainless steel band ► Water resistant 50m Ref: MK8507 ► Price: US$195

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#9 Casio - G-Shock

Casio GA 835A 1AJR

Let us end this list with a bang. A big bang. More specifically the 35th Anniversary edition Casio G-Shock Big Bang analog/digital combo watch. Casio has been producing all black watches long before it was trendy and a fashion statement. This 35th anniversary edition of the G-Shock Big Bang pays homage to the innovation and design to one of the toughest watches you could put on your wrist.

► Quartz movement ► 48mm Resin case ► 24mm Resin band ► Analog and digital display ► Multifunction ► Shock resistant ► Water resistant 200m Ref: GA-835A-1AJR ► Price: US$189

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Let us know in the comments below what your opinion is about all black watches. If you are a fan of black on black watches, which watch from the above nine would you say is the best?

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