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Watch styles & shapes (Infographic)

Blog post by Brendan Ihmig

Thousands of new watches make it from the watchmakers workbench to a shop display window each year. In order to cater for personal needs and desires, watch makers need produce an array of different styles all designed to appeal to someone in the vast sea of watch wearers. Very few other fashion accessories (especially for men) boast such a wide range of designs and it can be overwhelming for some people when it comes to picking out the perfect watch, either for themselves or as a gift.

The infographic below is one attempt at trying to categories watches based on style, the particular design elements and watch functions used in making popular watches today. While this may not be the only way to categories watches based on style, this infogaphic by Kingery Feller is a good place to start, especially for those too familiar with watches in general and/or watch designs specifically.

Watch styles and shapes by Kingery Feller

watch styles and shapes


Which is your favorite watch style and shape? Let us know in the comments below.

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